Just Got My New Car! + No Deposit Car Insurance

Not swimming related, but I just had to share, sorry!

I’m so excited – I’ve just got my new car! I’ve been saving for it for absolutely ages, and I thought I had another six months of that but my dad surprised me today with the last little bit. Apparently he was impressed at how responsible I’d been and thought he’d give me a hand.

I can’t drive it yet – I still need to sort out insurance for it, and it’s a bit overwhelming at the moment. I didn’t realise there were quite so many options and I’m not sure I really know how to choose. My dad’s going to look through them with me at the weekend and explain all the differences, and then we’ll pick together. He has said though he’d like me to have a ‘shortlist’ ready, just so I can get used to having to compare them myself.

So the first thing I need to decide is whether I want it to be third party or comprehensive – I guess I should probably get comprehensive because I don’t want it getting stolen or something and then being stuck.

Then I need to think about what sort of deductible I can afford. I guess if I keep saving like I have done for the car, I can probably get away with having a lower monthly payment and a higher deductible, because I can keep it around for emergencies? But I don’t know if that’s actually the more worthwhile option – maybe it’d be better to pay more and then keep that money aside for something else. I’m not really sure how much repairs cost to be honest, so that’s on my list of things to talk to my dad about.

Finally I have to think about the deposit. I was hoping I might be able to find some very cheap car insurance, no deposit or anything. But then that makes the monthly fees a bit higher, so it might be worth saving for a little bit longer in order to be able to put down the deposit? Again, I’m not entirely sure about how best to balance this all out, but I have got my list.

I’m wondering whether I should save up for a few more months, then get the policy – I don’t need to drive quite yet, and even though having the car is really exciting, I can probably wait another month or two. Hopefully my dad will be able to help me sort it all out! Oh by the way I compared insurance quotes here: https://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com, here if you want no deposit auto insurance. if you’re on the hunt for who has cheap car insurance 🙂