Learn to swim – I’ll teach you how to swim!

Welcome to GPACswimming!

My name is Jordan, I’m a swim instructor in the pittsburgh area. I decided to make this blog to share some tips on how to learn to swim. Before I became I lifeguard and swim instructor I thought almost everyone knew the basics of swimming.

When I became a swim instructor I was surprised by how many people even lacked the basics, and how many adults don’t know how to swim!

I decided to make this to share basic swimming tips, and as a personal blog of a 30 year old living in pittsburgh!

Hope you enjoy.

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Used Cars for Sale, or My First Time at a Used Car Lot

Okay, that’s a little misleading. It was actually my first time at any car lot. I’d never owned my own car before. My gram gave me her car when I was in high school but even though I got to drive it all the time, it still wasn’t really mine. I put a bumper sticker on it once and it about broke her heart so I could never really make it mine.

My gram told me I could take it with me when I leave for school in the fall but I could tell she was a bit hesitant about it. I’d been planning for this, really. I got an afterschool job when I was a sophomore and socked away as much money as I could so I could finally buy my own car. One that I wanted in a color that I liked where I could stick my bumpers stickers without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated what my gram had done for me. But I was going away to school, I was going to be on my own for the first time. This was a big deal for me and I really wanted to take my own car with me.

Finding a car dealerships

My mom took me to a few used car dealerships the month before I was went to school; which she found here: https://www.carcanuck.ca/.I had no idea what I wanted. To be honest, I didn’t really even care. Red, yellow, truck, coupe. I really didn’t care because it would be mine.

I was overwhelmed by how many used cars there were to look at. I needed to find something that fit into my budget but that was reliable so I didn’t have to worry about it breaking down when I was at school. I was in luck. With the variety of used cars for sale, my mom and I were able to find something that was perfect for me.

What did I end up with? A pickup truck! I know, right? I never wanted a pickup truck in my life, but there it was. A good price, it came with a bit of a warranty, and it was the brightest color of yellow I’d ever seen. I haven’t put a bumper sticker on it yet. I almost don’t even want to!

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Who has the cheapest auto insurance – Helping my son

Teaching My Son About Auto Insurance

I’ve spent this last week teaching my son about car insurance – we made a deal that if he did half the research with me, I’d pay half the cost. It is so much more complicated than I remember! We’ve been trying to find out who has the cheapest auto insurance, but there are just so many factors to consider. Rather than looking for who has the cheapest overall, we’ve decided to look for the cheapest that doesn’t require a deposit – that way, neither of us are out of pocket at the start. It does mean that the monthly payments are a little bit higher, but we can still find the cheapest of those options.

One thing I’m insisting on – which is, in part, why I’ve offered to pay half – is that he doesn’t go for third party only coverage. It may be the cheaper option, but I’d much rather he was covered for everything so that I can worry less. Again, this raises the price a little, but I definitely think it’s worth it. I trust him to be sensible on the road, but I don’t trust other drivers. I think he was a bit offended when I first mentioned this, but after I explained it wasn’t a problem with him, it was a problem with others on the road, he seemed fine with it.

So I guess what we we’re actually looking for was who does the cheapest auto insurance that doesn’t require a deposit and has comprehensive coverage. A good starting point, right? There are still so many options! And all with slight variations between them. Some with higher deductibles and lower payments, some the other way round. Then there’s all the new customer deals too. We’ve actually been considering changing my policy at the same time and setting up a family one – which further complicates things! He’s done wonders with helping me research though. He doesn’t know much about insurance so I’ve had to explain a lot of that to him, but he does know a lot about the internet, so he’s been helping make our search more efficient ( He found a great website) . We’re a pretty good team, all things considered. That said, I’ll be glad when we’ve made a decision because it’s so much more complicated than I expected it to be!

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Just Got My New Car! + No Deposit Car Insurance

Not swimming related, but I just had to share, sorry!

I’m so excited – I’ve just got my new car! I’ve been saving for it for absolutely ages, and I thought I had another six months of that but my dad surprised me today with the last little bit. Apparently he was impressed at how responsible I’d been and thought he’d give me a hand.

I can’t drive it yet – I still need to sort out insurance for it, and it’s a bit overwhelming at the moment. I didn’t realise there were quite so many options and I’m not sure I really know how to choose. My dad’s going to look through them with me at the weekend and explain all the differences, and then we’ll pick together. He has said though he’d like me to have a ‘shortlist’ ready, just so I can get used to having to compare them myself.

So the first thing I need to decide is whether I want it to be third party or comprehensive – I guess I should probably get comprehensive because I don’t want it getting stolen or something and then being stuck.

Then I need to think about what sort of deductible I can afford. I guess if I keep saving like I have done for the car, I can probably get away with having a lower monthly payment and a higher deductible, because I can keep it around for emergencies? But I don’t know if that’s actually the more worthwhile option – maybe it’d be better to pay more and then keep that money aside for something else. I’m not really sure how much repairs cost to be honest, so that’s on my list of things to talk to my dad about.

Finally I have to think about the deposit. I was hoping I might be able to find some very cheap car insurance, no deposit or anything. But then that makes the monthly fees a bit higher, so it might be worth saving for a little bit longer in order to be able to put down the deposit? Again, I’m not entirely sure about how best to balance this all out, but I have got my list.

I’m wondering whether I should save up for a few more months, then get the policy – I don’t need to drive quite yet, and even though having the car is really exciting, I can probably wait another month or two. Hopefully my dad will be able to help me sort it all out! Oh by the way I compared insurance quotes here: https://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com, here if you want no deposit auto insurance. if you’re on the hunt for who has cheap car insurance 🙂

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